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What Will Help in Preventing a Dog From Barking?

Train Your Dog to Stop Barking Dogs usually bark because they are bored. Dogs want a lot of attention and they don’t know how to behave when alone. Unfortunately, we have usually set this situation up ourselves. You want your dog to be happy, so you spoil him: you give your dogs treats and pat […]

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dog walking

Walking Your Dog

One of the most common issues when walking a dog on a lead is the pulling the dog does. Sometimes it may feel like your dog is taking you for a walk and you aren’t too far of the truth. It makes for one of the most unenjoyable experiences and often it can cause people […]

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dog and cat

Dogs and Cats Living Together

Dogs and cats are supposedly life-long enemies. Hence the phrase, “fighting like cats and dogs.” Having always owned both cats and dogs, I find the phrase and the premise to be far more inaccurate than accurate. Of course, we all know that there are those dogs that will simply chase every cat they see and […]

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Dog Training Tools and Advice

Well, to begin with, lets do away with the myth that your dog appears to think like a human, they do not. I know this is hard to believe and we all love to believe that our good boy is actually quite smart. The truth is the dog will react to you. You therefore need […]

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When Dogs Run Away

Does your dog run away? Perhaps he may be running “to.” Knowing one from the other will help you solve the problem so that he will come when called. A dog that is running away will clearly be trying to avoid being caught. A dog that is running to something looks as though it is […]

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train dog

How to Train a Territorial Dog

Like most creatures, including humans, dogs are territorial by nature. This is based on the fact that possession of those resources deemed valuable (including territory) bodes well for survival. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to have a greater propensity for aggressive tendencies. This is due in great part to selective breeding for dogs who are […]

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dog crate

Use a Dog Crate and You’ll Never Regret It

As an experienced and responsible dog owner and retired dog breeder, I feel the three most important pieces of equipment purchased for your dog are a leash, collar and a dog crate. From these three items, I believe that the dog crate is the most valuable you will ever purchase. Why? Let me explain. Puppy […]

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Winterize Your Dog – How to Care for Your Dog in the Winter

Just like people, dogs have special needs during the cold weather to keep them safe, healthy and happy. It is important for you to make sure that certain precautions are taken during the winter season for the protection and well-being of your dog. This article is stock-full of information on what to do and what […]

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Sad expression on a chocolate labrador retriever puppy. He may just be sleepy, but also looks like he misses his brothers, sisters, and family after adoption. Focus on eyes.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – How to Notice And Cure Separation Anxiety In Your Dog

Separation anxiety in dogs is a challenge that can happen to any dog, no matter what age or breed and is a common reason many dogs end up being given away or ending up in animal shelters. What is separation anxiety in dogs? Separation anxiety in dogs is something somewhat easy to spot. If your […]

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