The Dog Thinker and The Truth

I love dogs, so I often think, how, what, where and why dogs do what they do? My mission, has been to observe, and be active in my community, and anywhere to encourage dog awareness. Why? Because dogs need us. They depend on responsible humans to care for them. But as a dog thinker, I know more. It’s the humans who NEED the dog more!


What made me decide to write this article? Well, I am a dog thinker, and am keen on dogs’ behavior wherever they are. At home, on walks, at the park, at the beach, in a car, on a flat-bed truck, packed behind a motorcycle, just sitting, or laying down, standing and barking, and just being a dog.. Let me make it clear, I’m not a dog watcher, but a dog thinker. Every dog that crosses my path, my thoughts start considering what they may be experiencing. For example, I think, about the information, dogs are picking-up smelling as they walk along, or what makes them bark at some people and not others. I observe and think how human behavior change, and always for the better, when dogs are part of their lives. I sadly think how dogs go into destructive behavior in their own home when left alone for long stretches at a time each day. I think what dogs may be dreaming about with the strange antics they display during sleep. All so absorbing and challenging.

Many people make decisions about adding a dog to their family, and accept the responsibility caring for their needs. However, in addition to dog caring, other family responsibilities and jobs take up time and energy. Then again, there is another “family member,” the computer. Convenient, efficient, informative, neat and organized, the internet has become a very important “family member!” Easy accessibility to information, personal acquaintances, family members, schools, doctors, churches, strangers, businesses and on-the-road connections has make life abundantly full. The downfall for many, is its addictiveness. So much attention given to the increasing wonders of the internet has made many people lose face-to-fact personal connections.

Dogs’ don’t use the internet.

Dogs’ ears, nose, and mouth are, their internet.

Convenience, speed, and hunger for information has become a priority in today’s lifestyle. Social media programs make-up for the lack of face-to-face person connections. We have Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon, blogs, websites, email, Merchant Circle, LinkedIn, Skype, YouTube, Flicker, Snag-A-Job, Wikipedia, Search Engines and so much more to be thankful for in gaining friendships around the world.

Dog’s don’t use the internet.

Dogs’ social scene is wherever they are.

Lifestyles in all economic levels are haute, when possessing the latest in internet accessories. We spend money, to make it convenient to NOT have face-to-face person contacts!

Dogs’ don’t use the internet.

Dogs’ lifestyle is giving of themselves.

Meeting with others for creative thinking versus internet discussions are choices, but the internet wins all the time The energy for face-to-face contact has been diminishing. An in-person contact happens unrepentantly.In other words, why cross the street to visit someone, when you can email? Why in your own home, walk upstairs to tell your teenager dinner is ready, just email the “dinner bell!”

Dogs’ don’t use the internet.

Dogs’ demonstrates constant awareness..

Dogs’ “silent” manner has been taken for granted. Because they cannot talk, does not mean they are not aware of the environment or your senses. As a dog thinker, dogs don’t want over-whelming attention. They enjoy their space to seek-out surroundings with their keen senses. So when you cuddle, or scratch them too much, they may walk away. They prefer attention only when they sense they are giving back to you.. They want to serve you, not you serve them “continuously. ” Their independent desire, require you to hold-back at times, without too much “picking or squeezing their body.” particularly they don’t care when you play too much with their tail. Very importantly, dogs want to be correctly disciplined, so they can “read” how they can best give back to you.

The dogs’ history goes back over 15,000 years ago when they were domesticated.Due to selective breeding by humans, the dog has developed into hundreds of varied breeds. Today we continue to be introduced to new breeds such as the now popular Labradoodle a mixture of a standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. Cross-breeding whether purposefully, or randomly, the dogs’ demeanor with human relationships does not change. Dogs watch every move owners make, and know when their fur bundle is needed to give comfort. Trust me, I am the dog thinker.

Dogs don’t use the internet.

Dogs’ constant instinct remain the same… loyally attentive.

More people are adopting, purchasing, and gifting dogs at an alarming increasing rate today. Canine health-care professionals are increasing. Pet shops are growing throughout the world to satisfy dogs’ sustainable needs. Specialty dog shops for toys, clothing, and home accessories are booming businesses.. Land is set aside for well-equipped dog parks. Laws are developing in dog communities for better maintenance. The dog food industry has grown so large, and continue to do so. We can earn and make a profit with dog businesses. With increasing interest in dog awareness, dogs have their thoughts about these as well! Dogs of all sizes,colors, patterns, weights, and attitudes are selected with such care and pride to become a family addition. Dogs, love going through the choice phase. They want to be chosen by someone who needs them. Not someone who is going to use them as a prop. It is my thinking from the dog’s point of view, they don’t care for the fancy clothing, shoes and accessories.. Dogs think, just keep me clean without the fancy stuff…”my fur is my clothing.” They want treats and diversified meals healthy for them. They were not meant to wear leashes, but to run and large fields freely. However, they do know they would be safer in many cases when guided by their leader on a leash. They accept the loose leash, not the choked leash. They love yellow, and soft blues. They cannot see reds and greens. But, the foremost thought in a dog is their master. Trust me, dogs are aware that every busy household yearn and need them. Dogs want to be there for their owner and offer the calm, peace, love and loyalty missed during the owner’s daily interaction with the internet and lack of personal face-to-face contacts.

Dog’s don’t use the internet.


“Dog!….come to papa!

Surprisingly, dog has been right by your side all the time.

Dog immediately awake to your sound.

Dog immediately jumps up to your knee, excited with love in his eyes.

Dog loves the stroking on his neck, as you do, so you stroke again.

Dog fulfills you with a peaceful and joyful energy, and therefore relaxes you after a day’s work.

The release of endorphins for both human and dog, blooms with comfort, no human, or internet can give, and that is THE TRUTH.

Judith Catherine Lam, is a Canine Massage Therapist, under the auspices of Canine Visions For A Healthy Dog.
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