What Is the Best Fabric for a Dog Bed?

800443128015CS1When it comes to buying a dog bed, many dog owners will find that there is a huge amount of choice on the market. This can include a range of indoor beds, soft beds, outdoor beds, luxury dog bed items and much more. Choosing which one is right for your particular pet can be therefore very difficult.

There are several things that need to be considered before settling on a choice of dog bed. These include the size and shape of the bed, what kind of filling is inside, whether it is elevated or not, and much more. Another crucial factor is the material that the bed is made from, as this can have a major effect on the durability of the item and the level of comfort for your dog.

Many people consider that durability is a key component of the budget or luxury dog bed that they want to buy. Often the reason for this is that bedding can be expensive, and replacing the item regularly is not ideal. There are many fabrics that offer a great level of durability, which can make for a bed with excellent longevity.

Two of the best types of fabric on the market are two specific nylon fabrics, which are known for their durability. These can also be very soft, which is good for dogs that prefer sleeping on comfy beds. Care should be taken when choosing a soft bed, however, as these can absorb more moisture and can encourage dog scent marking.

The two types of nylon to opt for are cordura nylon and ballistic nylon, with the latter boasting a sleeker and smoother finish. Both of them, however, are very resistant and can put up with scratches from dog claws and even some chewing.

Both of these types of fabric are very easy to clean. Many retailers of dog bedding will sell their beds with removable covers. This means that when you want to clean them, all that you have to do is take off the cover and wash it in your washing machine. If you are doing this, make sure that your bedding is fade resistant too, so the design will not be ruined by frequent washing.

Another couple of types of material that are often used for durable dog beds are vinyl weave and heavy duty vinyl materials. These are synthetic fabrics again, but are even more resistant than nylon. Both of these are waterproof and will therefore not absorb as much scent and moisture as other fabrics.

Both types of vinyl are also very easy to clean. These can often be wiped clean very easily, making keeping them in top condition no hassle at all. Although vinyl weave is a little softer than the heavy duty version, it will trap more hair than heavy duty vinyl, so will be a little more difficult to clean, although not significantly so.

There are many items on the market that feature these types of fabric as part of their construction. Whether you are looking for a luxury dog bed or one that fits a much smaller budget, consider how tough and easy to clean the material is before you make your investment.

One thing that many owners can worry about when buying a bed is how soft it is, as most people prefer a soft and fluffy bed themselves. Dogs, however, often do not have the same need for softness as we do, therefore a tougher material can actually provide the ideal level of comfort for them.

Another tough alternative for dog beds comes in the form of metal cages that can be filled with soft blankets. Although these cages can be chewed, they are perhaps the most resistant of all dog bedding, and the blankets that dogs sleep on can be washed regularly and replaced for very little cost when they finally wear out.

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